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Education is the backbone of a successful society. Every human being should have the right privileges and the opportunity to get the education possible. Keeping the thought in mind in 2017 Pt. Shiv Kumar Mishra Smarak Samiti laid the foundation of Sweet Angels International School in Sanigawan Kanpur. It got ICSE affiliation in 2019.

The school caters to satisfy the quality and affordable education aspirations of the children. Mr. Alok Kumar, founder of the school and a true philanthropist, drew inspiration from the values of the late Pt. Shiv Kumar Mishra, a freedom fighter and laid the foundation of the school, based on two important core values, C-2 i.e. Character and commitment. Keeping these core human values as a compass pointing to the True North, SAIS stands on the five pillars of development and education of young minds.

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Value-Based Integrated Learning
  3. Outdoor education in a real-world environment
  4. Emotional development of every child,
  5. Education through community services

The motto of the school is inspired by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's "Aim High, Shoot High" philosophy, every human being, irrespective of his birth caste and creed of colour, is born with two equal halves of character, a soft, sweet, and angelic half and the other - somewhat devoid of dutiful reverence of God. We, the angelites believe in the kindling of a sweet angel's soul with values, quality education, and worldly wisdom to choose the right over wrong with the ultimate aim of developing a society of sweet angels to support humanity holistically.



With passionate teaching, our students will gain exceptional academic skills, be aspirational thinkers and have a thirst for lifelong learning. They will develop a depth of knowledge and an independence of mind and spirit to allow them to become the best version of themselves.


Our students will have the opportunity to take risks and learn that failure is part of success, giving them the strength, resilience and confidence to achieve. Opportunities to explore and persevere with passions and interests outside the classroom will broaden horizons and develop character and curiosity.


Our students combine tradition, morality and ethical values with forward thinking and a modern global outlook. They are reflective, creative and analytical, and consider their own learning and experiences while showing others empathy, compassion and respect.


To be accredited as a school of creative, ethical, competent, self dependent, self-motivated, and socially sesitive human being.

With a conviction that every child is bestowed with an innate ability to excel, Sweet Angels International School endeavors to draw out the best in its students by facilitating holistic and lifelong learning through meaningful opportunities and enabling an environment that encourages creative thinking, free expression and conscientious action; making them global winners.


We are committed to educating our students beyond the confines of the classroom in order to make them better individuals/ Citizens, develop their personalities with the deep appreciation of Indian knowledge, culture and learning.

  • Our mission is to create a school where learning is a joyful activity. We believe that it is every child's right to learn with joy.
  • To provide opportunities for children to develop and express themselves,
  • To develop a system in which students, teachers, and parents are the integral parts and work together for a better understanding of children's needs,
  • To help every child to recognize his/her potential and facilitate each student according to his/her needs.
  • To make education more learning-oriented than test-oriented.

Cultural Development

Each child will be broadening his interest and involvement in the cultural arts, literature, music, drama, dance, and visual arts. He/she will also learn to understand and appreciate a diversity of cultural backgrounds.

Emotional Development

Emotional development refers to the development of a child's self-concept and the behaviors resulting from it. To foster this emotional growth, each child will be encouraged to:

  • Develop self-motivation and self-direction,
  • Display emotional expression appropriate to the situation,
  • See himself/herself as a unique and complete individual,
  • Develop trust and values in himself/herself and others,
  • Meet new challenges with confidence,
  • Use diversified materials which give him/her satisfaction of achievement by his/her level of ability.


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