Rules & Regulations

For Guardians / Parents

  • Parents/guardians must send their children to school regularly, punctually, and neatly dressed,
  • Check regularly the child's school diary and home assignment,
  • Parents must attend the parent-teacher meeting,
  • Parents must sign the remarks given by the subject teachers and meet the teachers,
  • The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of valuables brought to school,
  • Fines will be charged individually or collectively for any damage of school property by the students,
  • Parents should take prior permission from the school principal to visit their ward/teacher during the class,
  • Any change in address/telephone number must be notified to the school immediately,
  • If parents wish to withdrawn their ward, they must give an application one month prior along with a transfer certificate fee,
  • Only in case of an emergency can parents take their child during school hours. Only parents are authorized to take their ward during school hours with the permission of the principal,
  • Co-curricular activities ensure the holistic development of children and help in enduring learning. Encourage your ward to take part in co-curricular activities,
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in maintaining global standards and universal values,
  • In case any certificate is required from school, parents need to write an application at least a week prior.
  • Parents must ensure to inform the school in case the ward is going for long leave.
  • Last but not least, parents are expected to be cordial and polite with the school staff even in the most taxing situation.


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