Happy Environment

Encourages children to think out of box, come up with new ideas and develop a high spirited personality, which surely gives them a niche to conquer the world!

Active Learning

Making learning a way of life! At SAIS we provide the best of all worlds, from Academics to co-curricular activities, nurturing each child in every way!

Creative Lessons

Emphasising on Interactive methods, we incorporate traditional values into Modern day techniques, where fun meets the facts and adds onto the experience.


Education is the backbone of a successful society. Every human being should have the right privileges and the opportunity to get the education possible. Keeping the thought in mind in 2017 Pt. Shiv Kumar Mishra Smarak Samiti laid the foundation of Sweet Angels International School in Sanigawan, Kanpur. It got ICSE affiliation in 2019. The school caters to satisfy the quality and affordable education aspirations of the children.

The motto of the school is inspired by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's "Aim High, Shoot High" philosophy. We, the angelites believe in the kindling of a sweet angel's soul with values, quality education, and worldly wisdom to choose the right over wrong with the ultimate aim of developing a society of sweet angels to support humanity holistically.

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Sweet Angels International School, kanpur


Principal Message

Hello, Dear Students, This is my first open letter to you all. My dear children, in school we teach and test your knowledge in maths, languages, and science, and we know you work hard to score good grades, but there is something very important you must learn besides these. Life's teachings go well beyond your routine school tests and exams. Its syllabus is not known to most of you. To pass the examination of life, one needs to maintain one's uniqueness.

People you come across in life may not have seen your talent in curricular activities like dancing, singing, or playing musical instruments. They would not know that you also participate in sports, help the young, are kind, trustworthy, and thoughtful. They tend to see you solely through an academic lens and by simply comparing your marks with those of your peers. Sometimes, even your parents get overly anxious about your studies and grades. We, at Sweet Angels International School, however, remain committed to the all-around personality development of our Angelites. This is to help you explore, enjoy, learn, and excel through multiple disciplines of creativity and personality development, with the overall aim of preparing you to face life's challenges and realities. 

Remember, you can conquer the world. So look up, spread your wings, and soar high.
Former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said, "A Small Aim is a Crime."

So, dream big, aim high, shoot high...

Ms. Shalini Mishra


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The best way to learn is to play, that's why we let the kids be kids.

At Sweet Angles Pre-School we believe every student deserves to have an excellent education. That's why our teachers are highly trained, qualified professionals who love working with children. Sweet Angles is where children between 2-5 years of age can thrive in every aspect of their lives and where they can develop the right learning mindset for a lifetime. So whether you are searching for playschools, kindergarten, nursery or pre-nursery schools, we can assure you that Sweet Angels, the best preschool in Kanpur, India, is near you.

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